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BARHAR Dyneema Pedal Rope (Double hole)

BARHAR Dyneema Pedal Rope (Double hole)

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Quick adjust foot pedal rope with double hole for SRT. 

Style number: BH9604

Material: UHMWPE (Dyneema)

Length: 155cm

Diameter: 5.3mm

Weight: 45g

Color: Black

The foot rope is used in rope operation when climbing along the rope in conjunction with a hand-held ascender. The length can be adjusted to suit users of difffferent heights.

  1. Using the combination of (UHMWPE) fifiber rope and flflat belt,light weight,small size,good wear resistance and low ductility,the use of round rope structure can prevent the pedal rope from getting stuck in the chest position when rising along the rope The ascender avoids interference with rope operations.

  2. Through the stainless steel hole adjustment buckle, the rope length can be quickly adjusted to improve the annual movement effiffifficiency of the rope operation.

  3. Warning:This product is not PPE,it can only bear weight,not fall.

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